It’s not about me

It’s about what a person can do to effectively interact with others by sharing their talents (or “gifts”), knowledge and wisdom in a social media fashion.

The Challenge

I have many hobbies and am blessed with gifts that I wish to share or improve on through social interaction. I use various social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Incorporating these into Facebook is straight-forward as a social environment but not necessarily the best platform for topical information. LinkedIn serves as a great online curriculum vitae but lacks the social aspects of the others. Twitter is great with conveying information and socializing but I feel like I need a niche focus to make it a productive tool for delivering information. It is not practical to create multiple Twitter accounts, and I would not want to bore followers with such a wide variety of tweets.

I needed to create a method for helping others by sharing these gifts and supplementing my hunger for social media marketing in a categorized social manner.

The Solution

You’re looking at it! ¬°Eso es!

A categorical hobby and gift sharing blog, The Social Media Experiment, was the answer to sharing this information and initiating dialogue with others.

I figured: I have the servers for hosting, could pick a free blog solution like WordPress, and could tweak the design, structure and layout to fulfill the idea.

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